I am moved by the way the lens sees. I seek to create images which expose another plane of viewing. I am constantly exploring what lays in this other plane. My photos are not something the naked can see. Often, I keep a recognizable element in an image which is otherwise unrecognizable What the photo is of, is not what the photo is about. My filmmaking follows the same approach. Central to my film practice is time and movement. In it, I use sound as a material to create a texture which exists in conversation with the film. 

My sculpture practice looks at American history and focuses primarily on highlighting details from certain narratives. These will be narratives I come across in my research of historical accounts. I will draw out a detail in a given narrative from which to build the work around. I use this as an entry point to explore the construct of race and the lasting impacts of slavery on modern society. Many accounts of violence against the black body seem so brutal and bizarre that they almost sound mythical. I believe there may be a power in the mystic aspect of this history and perhaps this can come across while still asserting the reality of the given event. I find an effective way to do this is through the exploration of the body and the pain inflicted on it. I am interested in creating depictions of violence and questioning whether these depictions can act as a form of healing though catharsis. Though these depictions can often be brutal, I seek to confront the viewer to look beyond the brutality of the object and recognize the brutality of the act. I approach each work as if I am making a memorial. Each piece for me acts as a sign of remembrance, a recognition of an event repressed and forgotten. I work mainly with plaster, latex, paper and metal. I try to keep my work from looking too polished so that it has a sense of use or age. My work can feel as though it was found rather than made.  



Camberwell College of Arts

Sculpture BA


London College of Fashion

Fashion Foundation




Haulage, The Peckham Pelican (London)



TBC, Copeland Gallery (London)


P.O.V., The Flying Dutchman (London)


Desire Lines, The Silver Building (London)



Thread Softly, Park Mews (London)

Otherness and the Stranger, Grosvenor Chapel (London)


0.0354º W., Deptford Police Station (London)


Over Capacity, CGP (London)


In the Making, Old Kent Road (London)


Reduced to Clear, Camberwell College (London)

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